Our tax preparers work hard to get you all you deserve. We are tax professionals whom have taken the proper education annually to learn of the different tax laws that change every year. To all NEW clients who wish to bring in their three prior year tax returns, we offer a second chance review for a second evaluation to insure that they received all the credits and deductions possible.
We help clients with their Businesses, Rentals (Income Property), S Corporations, LLC, Partnerships, Individuals and/or Personal Taxes.
We provide Electronic Filing; Direct Deposit, Applications for TIN (forms w-7), Multi-State filing. 1040 federal and State Forms.

Have issues with the IRS? We can help resolve your case.

E-file: Nellie’s Income Tax Services is an authorized IRS e-file Provider. This allows us to file your return electronically to the IRS for processing. The process is seamless and efficient. Once your tax return is prepared, it is electronically sent to the IRS. When the IRS receives your return, it is automatically checked by computers for errors or missing information. If there is an error or missing information, your return is sent back for clarification and resubmitted. Within 48 hours of submission of your return, the IRS sends confirmation of acceptance for processing which is your proof of filing. (Additional E-Filing Charges Apply)

• Timely arrival of your return
• Avoiding long lines at the Post Office
• Accuracy and efficiency
• 48 Hour Confirmation by the IRS your return has been received
• Electronic payment options for taxes owed
• Faster refund checks!

If you are due a refund, it typically takes only about five to ten days to receive if you use direct deposit. If you owe money, you can take advantage of the electronic payment options offered by the IRS to assure timely payment.

Nellie’s Income Tax Services can e-file your state tax returns Nation-wide. Over 35 states currently offer e-filing which work in a similar manner to the Federal IRS system. (Additional E-Filing Charges Apply)

Disclaimer: Our estimates and advice are based on prior historical results and individual results will vary based on your circumstances. This includes your ability to provide Nellie’s Income Tax Services with information that is timely and accurate. If referred, please note that outcomes vary from client to client depending on prior historical and individual results. We are not guaranteeing that your IRS or state tax debt will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage or that your tax debt will be paid off within a specific time period. In no way do we assume your tax debt, make monthly payments for you to creditors or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice. We additionally do not provide credit repair services. Speak to a Nellie’s Income Tax Services Representative for details.